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We went down this lonely rode before

It only left open sores with flaws

The thrill of your aura is possibly scrutinizing in every way

If I unzip my heart  would you use my heart to play with your inner affairs?

Your love was  so jaded , lukewarm ,semi cool but was rare

And yet they call you thrills, you gave me the chills in a strange way

Fore if penetration would have took place  you would have jaded my pussy too

For this Thrill is temporary no comparison to love  with you

No typo like how tonuges glide in and out each’s other’s mouth  or  dividing space to lay on

a couch or  twin bead. Sweating where women was always mislead . and scratched you back  and i scratch my head because they

left you cold. And still this thrill lingers on lke a ageless soul i met in another life for

it seems to be destined to see your eyes and wipe your tears  and make marshallows out of lies

Clarity  i saw just the other day, it dead smacked me in the face , and even made a tear appear  it was then I thought why now ?

I heard no sound .

I saw no delight

Although i fight to find a cause to hold on too the thrill, because it’s one of a kind in this lifetime where every choice is your future , in dsimay i close my eyes and enjoy the ride with a spirit that moves swiftly as  I .

O Vanity

Be afarid of the height in vanity

Fear the rise in pain, destruction is promised in vain

Folly in the souls rising at dawn to destruct

Powerless some citizens are having no one to trust

If we must sought god in the sight of dark

Part your hearts, not flesh, unity will help us at best

For  serving this land is not grand nor safe

Were in a spell that will never be replaced

Sustain your beauty for love

Awake  your heart to faith, behold all garments  are gone.

There is nothing on earth we can take

Make haste on the vision that duly is right 

Nation against Nation willing will fight

People bow down , because the feel lowliness and  Vanity is a fixed outcome

So if you must rebel, don’t withold your might

Where there is light there is god

Opression too, you’ve been trampled  down in the  only home you knew

You live a vain life good or bad

In a flash  of a second, life could be over and the devil could be dead

And where would vanity be ?

I figure in memory……………….





I watched the full moon shine so bright through my windowstill and alienation came to mind. And my body got ill. The pressure I know we feel to keep the unreal things real and that’s why so many of us pushes others away with having nothing to say.

Some had a spark so bright like the moon from the darkness they edured  they became dim, leaving signs of pain in errors coming in shades of blue and grey and red , leaving a cold soul instead (dead).

I even met a few with grace  and plotted on the good and understood there gift on earth and delievered everything they was worth, like jesus when he scarficed his life for all, like him there dedication to life was raw.

I even recall a few who was pale like the sun and when things got tough  they had to fleet or run  and cause pun to a few in there way. As long as they were gone, because they refused to hear what heavy words could start.

I even met  the dreamy types who would wish on the  stars fore they too would shine bright not  willing to share  a dime  always using there pride  to will you in. With nothing to despair for all they care of was there self  and people just couldn’t dare change there mind, they was indeed one of a kind .

And then I even pictured me  as free as I can be. Flying above  the moon with heavy  shoes  trying to balance  out the  gravity  or the far off  balanced feelings. I deemed to mention for looking  out my window gave me some tension. It gave me some pain fore how could I be happy  in isolation to a world and I  haven’t  yet gave my all. But before  I finished my thoughts in the moonlight dim.

I reminded myself of the people who would risk  there life for what was right. who inspired others to be better. Who was dependable in any weather. Who gave birth to what was dead. Who decided to be selfless instead. Who made bridges  for other to carry on . Who had hope on things that was said to be impossible but managed and stood strong. So now on my windowstill I watch the moon and smile. With consideration for I know my heart bleeds like the moon shines  and one day this cycle will be ceased  But to you my friends we will never  see the moon stop shining and my heart  stop bleeding until my life get a chance to grow. At least that’s what i always had hoped.


moon sleep children



Apologetic for the outstretch days i disremember your unfailing ache

Apologetic for my narcissistic ways believing my needs were first

Apologetic for the endless mistakes fore fear has won

Apologetic for not judging your heart from the start and lusting your words

Apologetic for the days i was riding my bike in the sky , fore i was too high for you to find

Apologetic for the seasons that gone and went away for my only wish was to wake up with you everyday

Apologetic for many days slipping away with nothing to show , for you expected best of me i felt it in my toes

Apologetic for becoming so low , that now i feel remorse in your bones, fore you hate the sight of my pain

Apologetic fore not having much to share, and the feeling that’s here , waiting forever in time building my life around you

Apologetic for not being much to you, for my breathe i would share in half to be your everything, fore im not living anymore and you dear make me strong

Apologetic for not being that platform for you , Fore I feel your energy close with me and smile at guys that remind me of we , fore your spark is special to me 

Apologetic for not giving you my all when i had the chance , fore  days in advance i cry for i find no one worthy of my time and with you i have to confide.

Apologetic if i ever broke your heart and i set fire to the rain for our vices were all in vain and every women you met since me shared the blame.

Apologetic for the games you played wherein the games we played, now the awe of hate collidies with love and that burns my lungs everytime  we lose time for i wish you were mine

Fore every sinner’s bed got head and i was left alone with ashes and blood on my bed  for i lost a person who got ahead  instead salty tears replaced my fears and i tremble here without a light or hope

Apologetic for my miserable days of never letting us go.

Love you Mateo

Fire n desire

He had fire and desire with all strong  embrace

I was cold as ice and used fear to replace the lust i thought he tasted

Fire in his eyes burning my soul …….

To God i have to console

Desire of my skin , he would  replace my fears and let love begin

He was rare and my heart was forbidden

The fire and desire burned aflame  making all love stories seem lame

His strength was draftness to mines , without him i felt incomplete

oh stranger fond of charm he held me so gentle in his arms

Bitter- sweet i was  it was a fool of me to not want to be loved

I embraced the hugs  and cried  inside dying of hope

I neeeded to cope  He wanted to hear me say Im ready

To love you . He said I love you I paused . Like a song  i pressed reject

Damn my heart is so brisk  and this bliss was only temporay

I will think of his fire every now and then and desire his gentle warmth and kiss

As a spell undone , this was no crush

I t was love in one moment that i was so sure to trust

He was bare as his skin and pictured us till the end………

And here was my soul empty as a hole!




On the lifeguard Chair

I recall the ear-splitting and rock -bottom waves that slapped the shore

I saw the lustrous stars from afar yet I felt I was near

We felt safe in the background of nature  we needed no pictures taken

The breeze was silky , our feet was cold,we also had blankets for our legs,

And each other to keep warm

We saw a fisherman with a flashing light & naked man walking in the sand that gave us great delights

Still we didnt feel like we didn’t belong we intended to be greatful

We hide from beach cops and played sleep to avoid the trouble and even said a prayer for each other , thinking this day could replace no other

On the lifeguard chair we watched the boats and the lights from billions of waves away and even watched the planes and clouds that formed a way.

Somehow grace is what we felt

Freedom is what we got

Love is what we shared

I wish I could turn back time to the good ole days when a beach walk could change my ways and also the way i see things

Now my mind is so blurry and perverted  and I find myself wondering how the smell of rocks and sea can bring such big joy to me

And smile at the thought of having such an alluring compelling memory to keep



January Baby

Take me back on a January Day , When my mother says the cold was frost and pain

Give me the trademarks that day I was born fore  I need clarity

Frozen rain , rushing veins that day  she had bled all the strength she had

You would of thought a star was born

January baby  with elements that are so challenging I ought to believe

As a baby and a Woman I found a remedy

People was never my enemy I ought to please

January baby melting in flames

She can no longer motivate and save

Her willpower is soaring away

January baby ought to stay

Be the Glory People love to Praise

Be the sex appeal they lust

Be the soul they trust

Be the user or be used

Choose God or have Blues

January Baby is set to Destroy

A Lonely Fairy tale  a dozen milestones

A bunch of empty souls

January baby is making her way

She is also making mistakes

She’s such a wreck

Make’s a mess

Uses her wisdom of ages in generation

Rare when she strikes such communication

Most times she just wants to tickle your brain

making you feel insane

Something About a January Baby

That makes life with her seem crazy

Not trying to make you sad or cry

Even beautiful things have to die

The day my Mother started to care for me

Was the day I was born and became free

january baby


What did they see?

Her eyes were arctic

Her words were proper

Her vitality was unsteady

Mistakes that happened that crossed her mind became all to heavy

People never saw the Shame in her apperance

People never seen the pain in her heart

People Imagined they knew her well

Because everything she said sounded so familiar like a glancce of  art

When she sometimes depart

Some became  realeased , happy or  in despair

Not knowing or wanting to belive why they wanted her or needed her there

Some was in fear of the What ifs or the  What will

Some  was joyous  for the embrace annd grace

Some didn’t undertsand what made her different

Some didn’t think hard enough to care

Truth was her ego was getting in the way of recieving  her blessings 

Her heart was sure

She no longer wanted to be a victim in a war

She now is a victor

Showing all people a story could be told untold.




beloved sister

My sister the adored one

yellow sun gleaming bright outdoors

Uncontrollable bliss it seems to bring

When leaves fall they lose there wings

I make out scerenies without being near you

Somehow in the dark your light glows too

Fore is was meant for a clean-cut soul

Who lives to embark curiosity and love as a goal


The source of the sound I get in my head

When I feel in my chest something awful will happen next

The love it brings to know my fate

Sometimes even when I know it’s at stake

The joy I get for having eyes fore I can see better with my eyes closed

My worries seem to drift away the more i get old

The pain I get for opening up to love with a heart scorned

I would like to see my troubles gone and built a solid home

To think I stuffered more than once and twice is a bit  of much

Just hoping one day  to come across a pocket full of people I could trust

The hope i held tight to at night blues ,even day too

The regrets I must have felt when I didnt live up to who I needed to be

The source of that thought that produces all action caused damanges

to me

When I fell on my face I didnt want to escape the pain

I guess I thought I should be the one too blame

could not hide the truth if I wanted to

I was too damn comfortable

A class act to attract the voice inside me that had  die

Trying to get the voice back so I can stay alive.