My Gut

My Gut told me you can always
trust me
My Gut says I’m your true friend
My Gut said when have i forsaken you?
My Gut said when you thought you was getting played wasn’t it true?
My Gut said i know why your sad and why you should be glad
My Gut said I’m the deepest friend it has
My gut said i know your thoughts first so can you trust me?
I obliged because i knew my gut was on my side
My gut told me my worth,
My gut said how could you ever get a  human to be  like me?
My gut was right every moment.
My heart and mind was dull from the pain with everything to lose and nothing to gain.
I learned who was me . My gut which nobody sees
All these thoughts was first inward with my gut changing my fate
Letting me know how i feel is never a mistake.
Why somber over what i don’t have when its not mines to keep
Knowing in my heart my gut is always in reach
When we think were ahead of what we know my gut says give it time and you will noe what you need to know.
At first i must admit i didn’t know  the sound of love until now because i know my gut wholesomely wants to be around.

kc gut1gut2

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