Waiting to fly like a beacon in the sky

Flattening my wings is taking strength for me to dive

I had a dream that I was an Eye looking on the other side

My heart was soft like marshmallow

My summer was fine like july

I had a kindred soul blossoming ten-fold

Waiting to dive to infant times, because now I’m pondering human life’s forms

Holding back a river within me

Only a bridge to God will set me free





I am only layers of flesh, with somber thoughts wiring darts of impulses waving away without you

With depths of new life in formations of any kind, I was hoping to be alluring your posture or spending time with you everyday someway, but as chance made it were not born to be that way

Instead we must dream real hard

Perhaps stay up mighty late any day & watch the shining  falling stars

Instead we will be humble with our confusion and have faith in our despair

Because even though our love just begun we will see the bloom of our willing hearts emerging in two, pounding  with trinity and hope

Aren’t we just  layers of flesh that stick together like glue.

And sincerely I tell myself again and again I am elated to bed apart of you

We had just figured out together we are not adjusted to good byes so my love good days




I see death everyday in various ways , Could  you agree?

Like when a caterpillar dies to be free.

I see when the leaves turn brown and fall with all it’s life gone

I saw plants that died reborn

It was the color grey that seemed to stay

It was Grey in the sky flashing  very high it was lighting it was dark but it also had  alot  of spark

It was Grey in my heart & grey in the streets, it was grey all around me also in the voices of people when they speak

I saw death in lobsters when burning in boiling water for only our desires and crabs from a bucket too

I see death in our brains because some of us is vain for the things we do

I see death too my lungs everyday with no complains it’s ruined

Mostly I see Grey in every which way . Like the pores in my skin im open

Like bones from our flesh I’m broken

It was the color grey I speak of the most & when the sky changes  it’s shades, grey is what scares you like a ghost.

calendar days

Calendar days seem to pass by without a trace

Without a second of your time I feel a ache

Do you always leave girls behind?

I starve my heart

I’m chasing pirates in the sky

With a melody of love permanent in my mind


Calendar days seem to pass without a trace

Without a glimpse of  your touch

Do you always leave girls in the dust?

I starve my heart

I’m chasing  pirates in the sky while it’s dark

I search for zombies and stars too

I replaced all of my fears when I started loving you

I run in sand and place the water between my toes as the sun gazes my way my heart is undone

Calendar days seem to pass by without a trace

Without a second of your time I feel my life is a waste

Do you always leave your emotions behind?

Do you risk what you can’t afford to lose in time

I strave my heart and release my mind

I’m chasing pirates as if it was art in modern times with pun for love like an angel above

I shine  leaving nothing behind dark

But you are like calendar days, with hope for change to come through not promising to you


Blue brick lane

If there was a wizard Oz with a blue  brick lane to grant a wish come true

I would  ask for a heart that doesn’t feel any pain to convey, enjoying stillness being faint

The walk would run as deep as the sea, in your emotions your bound to feel meek so you need everlasting friends to depart with you when the story begins

Being eyes for safety, having ears for danger

Being remorseful for my void instead of being quick to anger

No matter the time invested in a heart without pain, there will always be doubters along the way

Or unfortunate situations that had to take place

To add spice & fear if without wonder would I need to replace a heart that workd since birth

Or leave it fractured from all the misery on earth

Will my friends make it with me down the blue brick lane

Is my flesh and bones more valuable than dust particles that sweep the hard edged streets

Do I have a chance to save the beating organ inside of me?


I than start to wonder how would I see there pain if  I had a wish to change the condition my heart was in?



I didn’t  use the proper vision to see the signs that rested in front of my face

I didn’t have the ears to listen to a heart that was so close to me in despair

I barely discovered a way to love you and myself without freedom and your voice to hear

I barley remember the tears that were solid as the ground

All I knew is that you would always be around

Like the wind you blew away

Leaving me in shivers, coldhearted & confused feeling abused

I wonder if I was the least of your concerns & I’m glad you parted with no return

I didn’t think  this love could expand or my imagination too or that I could foresight every moment coming along with you

I didn’t think  you needed me or I you but the uncertanity of we gave us both thrills that were totally unseen

I barely remember love being this distant as a plane in the sky

I barely remember truth in your constructed lies

All I knew is that something  big always seemed to interconnect me to you

I needed to see the love for it to feel true

Instead everytime I look in your eyes my heart can never deny my love for you

I didn’t think I would get stuck in this cloud

I didn’t think our love had value to stay around




This is all apart of you

heartbeat-163709_960_720Prove the people wrong

Show them that your strong

Show them your accelerated  will

Show them what aches whats real

Prove the people wrong

Show them your unfailing grace

Show them your awful mistakes

This is all apart of you

Prove the people wrong

Be proud of who you are

Show them your viens & let them feel your skin

Be humble when they doubt you because not all of us is going to win

Prove the people wrong

Even when the milestones are mighty long

Show them your heart can mend

Don’t be afraid to lose and gain friends

Don’t be afarid to lose everything we are something without nothing

Prove the people wrong

Even when the bliss is temporary and the love unreal

Even if you can’t find your soul , find your heart beat

This is all apart of you and eveyone too

Prove the people wrong

Show them that your strong

In another life your spirit will carry on

Hey to All

For starters I wanted to thank wordpress for the chance to build an audience for poetry with artists such as myself.  Even though I started this blog on a sad humble note the experience through out the whole year was very helpful to me for improving my life and wisdom. 

Secondly I want to thank the abtract and beautiful thinkers as myself who supported my work ,left comments, reblogged and made me smile with there warm and kinds words. Who and where ever you are Thank you . And Thank you as well to the newcomers.


Recently I had another  emergency surgery due to my disease endometrosis .So my reasoning for not writing these months was to get in good shape , also to finish a poetry  book I was working on that was dear to me to finish . I am in the process of doing more projects and I would like my supporters to  buy my poetry book that i wanted inexpensive for all humans to read so I can  get  the attention and respect as an author, as i do on here

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Bible words

13563316-Christian-disegnati-a-mano-illustrazione-dei-simboli-croce-Bibbia-le-mani-rosario-Archivio-FotograficoBible words linger in my mind and I think of a cross

A pond of excuses idle under a highway drive and I think of time

A melody often replayed like a song and I think of love

Me being a shadow stretched mighty long and tall and I think of my fall

Fragments of dew from rain that was yesterday flaw and I think of the sun shining in storms

Imagine these words slip over my head and I let them go and then I think of my toes

Imagine I let the ink drip from my pen I withold and ashes burn the paper i use to write my

thoughts and I think of the years that disappeared

Bible words left holes all in my soul I had to grasp for air just thinking of the meaning

it holds and I think of god’s Plan with his right hand 

Prophecies for today and everyday and like a maze I search everyday thru clutter &  vain on a

shady lane where the trees guide you by there roots fore humans at once fade like stars……